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I got into Computer Science like my other introverted friends, because I like playing video games so... why not learn how to make games? Not only that, my parents work in tech as well, so they had already shown me it can be a fulfilling and good paying field as well, so it seemed like a win-win situation. What better way to do that, than to learn how to code, build, and design a game?

My interest in developing games had been derailed as the club at Sac State barely had anything, so I had taken over as President, then later as a Liaison after graduation. We had taken on industry professionals to attend as speakers and hosting workshops to help students get familiar with the latest methods and technology.

My interest in game creation was redirected in other directions as I had taken on a leadership role to keep it going, but it did help me grow in taking on the responsibility and the interpersonal communication skills I had accumulated from it. Despite all this, I decided to approach my interest in full-stack development instead and wanted to learn game design on the side.

If you'd like to see the full history of my involvement of the game dev community, it's on my page.
As I graduated in Fall 2018 with a Computer Science B.S., I went down the path of working as a Full-Stack Developer, UX Designer, Quality Assurance Analyst, and now Front-End Developer Freelancer. With my mixed background experience, I'd like to dive into Technical Writing to flesh out my liaison skills and to expand on my technical jargon even further.

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